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Here’s how Real Plans can help you stay on track with AIP

It can be really overwhelming when you realize you need to change your whole way of eating to accommodate an autoimmune issue. However, the best way to approach this 180 degree change to your and possibly your family’s way of eating is to plan ahead.

So even when you have busy weeks, travel time and trying to get out of the house in the morning, you know what you are going to eat and it’s quick and easy to prepare. It really does make a huge difference to have all your necessary ingredients on hand even when you’re running late, or to have leftovers ready for lunch or the next evening.

With such a specialized diet such as AIP, it’s vital to ensure you’re prepared and have a backup strategy in place for those times where you can get derailed due to lack of time or cravings. Once this is mastered, the AIP diet stops being a stressful endeavour and becomes an all important piece of the puzzle on the road to good gut health.

Real Plans is the premier AIP meal planner available and truly makes meal planning a joy. It is simple, flexible, and efficient and its’ super smart algorithm will curate the perfect meal plan for you and your family week after week.

1 Plan

Save time planning with customized meal plans based on your diet, family size, and schedule. You can always adjust your plan more - the end result - a weekly plan of what to eat that is perfect for you.

2 Shop

Save money shopping with efficient aisle-based shopping lists that you can print or check off on your phone. Or get all your groceries delivered with our easy Instacart integration!

3 Cook

Nix bad attitudes at meal time, by feeding your family with nourishing, home cooked food. No matter your cooking skill level, our recipes are easy to follow and darn delicious.

Real Plans also includes easy Instacart integration so you can get your groceries delivered and save even more time.

The best AIP recipes + Real Plans amazing software

Get nearly 500 AIP recipes from The Paleo Mom and AutoImmune Wellness in Real Plans, a meal planner designed by real-foodies who really get how important it is to get good food on the table every week.

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Do I really need a tool to do this?

Meal planning and cooking a few extra recipes each week doesn’t seem like a hard thing to do, and for many, it isn’t. However, planning ahead for a special diet type (especially if your family doesn’t need to follow this diet type), can become really challenging. There are many cogs in the “machine” to consider, and every person has a different viewpoint on what the perfect meal plan looks like.

If you are trying to do this all on your own, it actually does require quite a bit of thought, research to make sure you don’t make use of an ingredient you should be cutting out, organization, as well as a big time commitment to make sure to have recipes, shopping lists and when to eat what laid out clearly.

Most meal plans you find online are not really customizable and most meal planning software are difficult to make work for Paleo and AIP diet types. But Real Plans, is different. It will generate a new weekly meal plan for you automatically based on your likes, dislikes and special dietary restrictions. It will even take into account when you want leftovers planned so you don’t have to cook on your busiest night of the week! With more than 2000 Real Plans recipes, along with the added recipe collections from Sarah Ballantyne and Michelle Trescott, planning for your new AIP dietary lifestyle will become a breeze.

You can swap out your favorite recipes, add your own or import from any favorite AIP resource website too. Real Plans is just so versatile and we’re determined to assist you on your journey to put good food on the table. We offer chat support as well so you can speak to one of our agents about adjusting the meal planner to really fit for your family. If you have any questions and you’re interested in giving Real Plans a go, take advantage of our chat support so you can get all the answers to your questions right away, rather than just checking our FAQ. Go ahead, we love hearing from you!

Plus, with our free trial option, you really have nothing to lose! Give it a try and you’ll soon see Real Plans is an amazing tool you soon won’t be able to live without.