Meal planning for
your busy life!

As someone with many food intolerances, it is so nice to be able to tell the program ahead of time not to include those foods instead of trying lo figure out alternatives.


  • Cooks for: 1
  • Diet: Whole30, AIP
  • Allergic to tree nuts

After about a month of following the plan and stocking up on staples, I found I saved both time and money while getting truly delicious, nutritious meals on the table.

– Felicia, CA

  • Cooks for: 4
  • Diet: Mediterranean
  • Husband is gluten free

Last weeks classic healthy meal plans included mustard crusted halibut, chicken with asparagus stir fry and sweet pea soup … a busy new mom could not be happier! Thank you!

– Emily, WA

  • Cooks for: 3
  • Diet: Classic healthy
  • Allergic to shellfish